Helping you help Dane County's lakes and streams.

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You can help the lakes by making sure only rain water—and nothing else—goes down the storm drains.

Using less salt on your sidewalk and driveway this winter shows your love for the lakes.

If you must use a deicer, use it sparingly and make sure you read the label for application rates and environmental effects.

Don't use salt when you can use a shovel.

Click the Love Your Lakes Don't Salt Them promotional image for more de-icing tips.

Show Your Lover For Our Lakes and Rivers

Storm water is more than just water. Rain and snowmelt wash dirt, grease, trash and more from roads, parking lots and other hard surfaces into storm drains and ditches, that empty directly into your lakes, streams and rivers.

Storm water carries excess nutrients like phosphorus with it, which can turn your lakes green and smelly.

The way to protect and clean your lakes and streams is to make sure only rain—and nothing else—goes into the storm drains and ditches.

You’re just clicks away from a world of ways you can easily work for cleaner lakes and streams in Dane County. It all starts with making sure that only the rain goes down our storm drains and ditches.